Acquiring Bolas Tokens

We view Bolas as a game token not a financial asset, however it rests on a decentralized platfrom used for cryto currencies and is purchased through one those platforms, Ethereum.

In order to use Bolas tokens at your table you need to acquire them first.  The Bolas Project Team is working to make them available on multiple exchanges.  There are currently no plans for an ICO as the Bolas team believes that we can fund the ecosystem from Presales.  We do reserve the right to launch an ICO in the future if that is deemed to be the best path forward for the project.  We currently see Bolas as a game tool more than an actual financial asset.  The Bolas Token design does allow for wider uses if the community of Bolas desires this in the future.

Lore to Use:
We plan on selling a Bolas Quest Book that provides ideas and guidelines for introducing Bolas Tokens to game tables.  That lore centers around a group of renegade Mages from the Dreamlands who create a currency from Dream Aether that can be exchanged amongst peoples across all worlds.  These renegade wizards spread out across the worlds and hide the Dream currency all over with the hopes that it frees the people from the Tyranical monetary systems that are used to control them.  The mages are hunted across both the dreamlands and the material planes by the Dominus Order a group who fears the power of freedom that the Renegades are unleashing.  The Lore will use the places and characters in the HP Lovecraft story Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath as a thematic underpinning.

Game Masters are free to use any lore to integrate the tokens to their table economies.

Acquiring Bolas Coins
There are two primary ways of acquiring Bolas.
1) From Cyphas Bolas himself.
2) From other Crypto Wizards currently there are multiple Crypto Wizards roaming the universe who can give you Bolas coins they include Ttamhew the Traveler.
3) Purchase From EtherDelta (In the future other potential exchanges).

1) From Cyphas Bolas
You can ask the wizard Cyphas Bolas for Bolas coins by emailing

Cyphas will ask you questions of your group and your intended use of the coin.  If he is satisified he will your group some Bolas coins and potentially a Cyphas.  A Cyphas is a special Cold Wallet created by Cyphas Bolas himself.

2) Asking Other Crypto Wizards.  
We will add to this list as they become available.

3) Purchasing Bolas Coins
Bolas coins are periodically being made available on EtherDelta.

Technical Directions:
Currently presale Bolas tokens are available for Purchase on Etherdelta.  To purchase it we recommend using the Chrome Browser Add On called Metamask.  Make sure you save all your information in a secured fashion and follow the recommendations of Metamask.

On EtherDelta you will need to create an account for that exchange.

You can Find the Sales of Bolas available at the Bolas Ether Delta Link Below:
Etherdelta Bolas Available For Purchase

You can also find the Bolas token by going on to and searching for Bolas in the other Tokens section.
Currently Bolas is not one of the main coins listed on the exchange and you will need to search for it.  We do aim to improve this situation in the future.   You will be able to search for Sales of Bolas tokens by going to the bottom of the token section and clicking on other.   The Other Token box will provide you with 3 boxes that need to be filled out.

For Address enter:

For Name enter

For Decimals enter:

Bolas is not currently listed on Exchanges.  If this situation changes we will let you know.


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