Bolas Genesis

"Big things have small beginnings" T. E. Lawrence in Lawrence of Arabia

We are happy to announce that the Bolas Token the first decentralized token designed for role playing games has been created.

All around the world millions of people gather around tables to play games.  As these players enter into dsytopian Sci Fi worlds or slay Dragons in fantasy realms they often earn various imaginary currency.  In Sci World this often takes the form of Credits.  In Fantasy games it takes the form of Gold, and Silver.  While these currencies are imaginary, they have an actual value.  If you consider that each of these gaming tables is its own table top world then at each table their is a supply of these currencies, there are uses for these currencies and there is demand for these currencies.  Each tabletop world is like a small micro economy.  Bolas wants to connect these micro economies.

The idea of Bolas is to allow these tables to play with a decentralized digital currency.  As these currencies are found in dungeons or earned from contracts the players are rewarded with Bolas tokens instead of the imaginary Gold this would be a real token that could be exchanged amongst the players at the table, or with players across the world.  The Bolas token connects all of these small micro table economies into a network of economies.

The Bolas token was specifically designed to be used at gaming tables and allow for players determine how many to use in their own table world.  The token can be bought and traded in whole numbers or a single Bolas token can be purchased and traded down into 5 decimal places.  The Bolas token was limited to 5 decimals specifically to better align to game conversions.  This design allows the Bolas token to be used in many different game settings.

Conversion into the Table Top Economy:

Any dungeon master or game group can create their own method of converting Bolas tokens into their Table world's currency.  However, the Bolas project has created various tables to make this process even easier.  If you use a Multiple Fantasy Metals then 1 Bolas token could be broken down into 100,000 tokens or into 1,000 Gold pieces.  If you use the Gold method than one Bolas could represent 100,000 gold pieces.  Likewise if you are playing a SciFi Game

This functionality of the token to break down and be used in games is already built into the token.  They can be broken down, dispersed and traded as your table finds them on adventures or is rewarded by a mysterious nobleman.  All the ways you earn the imaginary metal your game master will be able to now disperse Bolas tokens instead.  The decimals of Bolas allow your game master to decide whether the table wants to only use a small amount of Bolas or a large amount.  1 Bolas is designed to go a long way for tables on a Budget.

The Bolas tokens can be exchanged similar to other ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network.  Transactions on that network incur small charges (referred to as Gas).  We recommend the use of a Chrome Browser Plug In called Metamask for exchanging Tokens amongst players.  We will have updates on acquiring and trading Bolas tokens.

The Future of the Bolas Ecosystem:
The future of the Bolas Ecosystem is largely dependent upon our ability to sell Bolas tokens to fund future development of projects in the ecosystem.  A couple of projects have been highlighted by our development groups top priorities in the Bolas Arcade and the Bolas Library.

Depending on the capital raised and ability for developers the goal is to create a robust ecoystem for the Bolas token to exist in.  The ecosystem of the Bolas token is NOT designed to take over massive swathes of the global economy like other crypotcurrencies.  It is meant as a fun tool for gamers to use.  However, while our goals have more limited scope than other cryptocurrencies we are optimistic that they are actually achievable.  Unlike other Cryptocurrency projects that are depending on the creation of new technology the Bolas token already exists, and some of the games it is to be used with have existed for 50+ years.

We do not want to stop there though.  We want to create places for the Bolas tokens to be used and spent once earned.  The top two projects we are looking at our the Bolas Arcade and the Bolas Library.

The Bolas Arcade:
The Bolas Arcade is to act like a digital Arcade.  This is a place where digital items, buildings, trophies, and awards can be purchased for Bolas tokens.
The Bolas Arcade will be a place for adventures to show off their quests, their trophies and the events that are going on in their Table World.  The arcade will provide a place for different tables to interact with each other and share information.

The Bolas Library:
The Bolas Library will be a place for the Bolas project to sell Lore, Guidebooks, novels and other documents for Bolas tokens.  Additionally, we would like this place to also eventually serve third party vendor to sell there wares for Bolas Tokens.


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