The Lore of Bolas is provided to give Table Worlds an explanation for how the Bolas currency arrived at their world.  The use of the Lore is entirely optional.

Enclave of Renegade Wizards:

Cyphas Bolas - 

The Bolas coin was created a mysterious man who lives on the world of Earth who calls himself Cyphas Bolas the Crypto Wizard.  Cyphas is known for creating Ethereum Cold Wallets bearing his name at Cryptocurrency meet ups.  This Crypto Cult Legend came up with the idea of using an ERC20 token as a means of uniting Dungeon & Dragons, Pathfind and other RPG groups together through a single united and transferable gaming token.
In the lore of the Bolas Coin, Cyphas is a mysterious enigmatic character who is mentioned but never met.  He is considered to be the first Wizard in the Enclave of Renegade Wizards.

Thamhew the Traveler-

Thamhew is a planewalking Wizard who met Cyphas Bolas efter the creation of the Bolas coin.  Seeing its power as a tool for freedom Thamhew travels the multiverse meeting and recruiting Wizards into the Enclave of Renegade Wizards.  Thamhew created the Cyphas a device in which Bolas can be stored at the gaming table based off the original Cold Wallets created by Cyphas Bolas.  These Cyphas devices have continued to evolve to help with various game mechanics.  If your party wants to introduce Bolas then you should add in an encounter with Thamhew.

The Lore of Bolas continues to grow as more Wizards adopt it and bring it into their gaming groups.

Wizards using the Bolas Coin:
List of Enclave of Renegade Wizards

The Bank of Ord

The Bank of Ord are a powerful group of Planewalking Characters who see Bolas coin as a threat to the natural order of power.  They have recruited a variety of agents on all worlds to look out for users of Bolas coins and report back to the Great Bank of Ord.

The Ord can appear if the group uses their Bolas many times or tries to spread its use around the world.  The Ord will typically send out enforcers normally Dwarves to threaten a group using the Bolas coin.  Those that continue to disobey will be met by a powerful Ord Mancer.  The Ord Mancers are gifted wizards and masters of interplanar travel.  

The Ord will stop at nothing to destroy Bolas.

The head of the Bank of Ord is an enigmatic and mysterious character called the Omegas.  Many rumors persist on the true identity of the Omegas.  Some world believe it to be Nichol Bolas the Ancient Dragon others insist that Vecna the infamous Lich is behind Ord, still a rumor persists that the Ord are led by one of the malificient Devils or Demons.  These are all rumors but what is known is that all who have learned the secret of the Omegas have disapeared.

TorKhan Silverblood and the Silverblood Clan

ToKhan is a champion and leader of a Clan of dwarves called the Silverbloods.

The Silverbloods are a powerful clan who are a source of legend and myth amongst Dwarves of all worlds.  Their home exists in a pocket dimension dominated by one massive mountain called Mordin's Wheel.  In the Modrin's Wheel the Silverbloods have mined and constructed a fortress.  While the Silverbloods like most Dwarves are skeptical of magic they have used planar magic to craft portals to all the worlds of Dwarves.  They sell finely crafted metals and act as bankers.

They don't take kindly to outsiders interfereing with their business.

The wealth and power of the Silverbloods is tied to metal and they see the Bolas coin being a threat to their wealth and power.  If they see players using Bolas they will first try to intimidate the players away from its use.  If the players continue they may send bounty hunters or even an elite squad of warriors from Mordin's Wheel itself.

With armies of elite warriors, wealth beyond imagining, devious traps and weapons of the finest craftsmanship the Silverbloods are not to be taken lightly.

Hammer's End Hunters
There is a group of elite warriors led by a massive Dwarf known as Hammer's End.  They work for the Silverbloods to eliminate Bolas users throughout the universe.


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